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Vapour in contact with oral mucosal cells: Italian research shows no toxicity

Trusticert laboratories tested 8 organic flavours by La Tabaccheria in their maximum dilution. D'Alessandro: "Great news for the whole industry".

A real breakthrough study for the narrative, distorted up until today, of the electronic cigarette. Not only for Italy. The independent specialised laboratory TrustiCert, directed by Emanuele Ferri, has for the very first time analysed some e-liquids putting vapour in direct contact with cultured oral mucosal cells. To put it simply, the human oral cavity has been recreated to reproduce and observe, in real-life conditions of usage, what happens when using the electronic cigarette, namely when using the flavours in their maximum concentration as suggested by the manufacturer. Results are astonishing to say the least: nothing happens, no alteration of the mucosae has been detected, no toxicity has been measured.
To conduct the analyses, the researchers used the “organic” (of vegetable origin without any further addition of artificial aromas) flavours by La Tabaccheria diluted in a solution of glycol and glicerine. These results are not only important for the quality of the analyses, but also for the use of organic flavours, directly derived from the extraction of tobacco leaves. Particularly, eight flavours by La Tabaccheria were employed and singularly analysed: White Virginia Extreme 4 Pod; Virginia tobacco extract; White Latakia Extreme 4 Pod; Latakia Organic 4Pod; Virginia Organic 4 Pod; macerated tabacco Latakia Fire Cured; macerated tabacco Virginia Air Cured; Latakia tobacco extract.
In each of the conclusions, Trusticert researchers report: ”We didn’t observe a decreased cell viability at tested concentrations with an IC50 > 5.0 mg/ml. An IC50 value > 0.5 mg/ml shows the absence of cytotoxic effects of the tested product on oral mucosal cell culture. Therefore, this product has no cytotoxic effects on oral mucosal cells in vitro”. In addition to the analysis conducted by Trusticert, the eight flavours – like every other product by this brand – had already been tested by the Gruppo Maurizi laboratory in Rome as free from any toxicity and thus fulfilling food purity criteria. The data sheet shows that “the analyses on microbiology (bacteria, yeasts and moulds), heavy metals, mycotoxins, aflatoxins, ochratoxins, pesticides residues and other relevant studies show that, considering the intended use and the specific dilution for our products, the results of the analyses can be compared to food ones without crossing any threshold”.

“I am living days full of emotion and pride – comments visibly satisfied Orlando D’Alessando, La Tabaccheria’s patron together with his brother Patrizio – This is a great result that we had in the first place as a company. But this must be a source of pride also for all consumers that can now, with safety and certainty, keep on using safe and certified products. The pursuit of perfection has always been our mission and we try to convey this in each and every phase of our work: from the research of the best raw materials, to the investment on the top extraction techniques, to bring to the market a qualitatively superior and most cutting-edge product. We give great consideration to transparency and to giving correct information: labels, safety sheets and warnings have always been fundamental to us, to present ourselves to our clients in an extremely honest and fair way. Now, with these new analyses, we can say we have closed a circle: we have evidence, tested and signed, of the quality of our products, ensuring consumers not only an excellent product but even more importantly an impeccable regulatory documentation in support. Our industry is commercially and productively young and some lack of regulation and grey areas are evident. To make clarity, for a manufacturing firm like ours, entails a great deal of dedication, effort and investments, but with the support from qualified laboratories and researchers we can all together make the case that we can reduce smoking harmfulness. Highlighting analyses like ours does not mean to promote ourselves, but to give new impulses and pushing the whole industry forward, bringing advantages to the whole Made in Italy supply chain”. Absolute common-sense words, going in the right direction: communicating the absolute lack of toxicity in inhalation e-liquids raises awareness and gives propulsion to a product which, in medium term, will surely be destined to subvert the established order of the traditional smoking tobacco.
“It is satisfying to witness these demonstrations of maturity in a young yet important industry like this one of the reduced-risk products – comments Emanuele Ferri (TrustiCert) – Toxicological studies are the most complex and demanding for the industry companies, called by the regulations in force to declare that the products they put on the market are safe. Without any doubt, among the tests in support of consumers’ safety but also backing manufacturers’ statements, there are indeed acute toxicity tests. We remind that together with nicotine, highly toxic substance which should be tested for each production batch, mixtures of chemicals cause a risk due to unpredictable synergy effects among the single substances. Therefore, every mixture has its own toxicity that cannot be calculated only on paper, and should be ascertained in the same proper way as La Tabaccheria did.  

Here is the link to consult the eight complete studies.

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